About Us

Affordable Counseling by Susan McMillan is a full service counseling agency that provides comprehensive counseling for DUI and substance abuse, domestic violence, anger management, couple's, family, eating disorders, codependency, divorce, depression and more. Additionally, Susan McMillan is a certified Hypnotherapist, working with those overcoming childhood sexual abuse issues to smoking cessation. Affordable Counseling has locations in Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, St. Petersburg, Indian Shores, Lutz and Port Richey Florida.

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Affordable Counseling Services

What Affordable Counseling Offers

Affordable Counseling offers a vast array of services for client’s personal needs,  those satisfying court-ordered treatment , and those seeking to satisfy DUI treatment. Affordable Counseling/The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project  was the very first state-certified batterers intervention program and Susan McMillan was nominated for the Governor’s Peace at Home Award  in 1997 for her work in the area of domestic violence. Affordable Counseling is a licensed and approved DUI treatment provider and is on the state-approved  provider list for Suncoast Safety Council in Pinellas County, the State College of Florida, Traffic Safety Institute in Sarasota and Manatee Counties, and Pride of Pasco County.

Domestic Violence for Men The Domestic Abuse Intervention Project is a (state) Certified Batterers Intervention Program (CBIP). We’ll show you what men do to destroy their relationships and what they can do instead to create a healthy, happy home. We’ll  show you  the secrets to lasting success at relationships! And our fees are based on a sliding fee-scale to make it affordable for everyone.

DUI Treatment/Substance Abuse Counseling Affordable counseling has a staff of highly trained addictions professionals who will help you overcome struggles with alcohol or drugs, and can help you navigate your way through the legal system and the maze of  requirements of the DMV.  Primarily group counseling in a comfortable and supportive setting, with individual counseling available also.

Substance Abuse Evaluations Just because you were arrested doesn’t necessarily mean you have a problem. We will evaluate you to determine whether you might be heading for a problem with drugs or alcohol and recommend steps for stopping the addictive process in its tracks!

Anger Management Life is hard! Stress builds! And sometimes our emotions boil over. Our one-day anger management course is court-approved and will provide you with various coping mechanisms to help ease life’s struggles.

Domestic Violence for Women As a companion program for the men, our domestic violence program for women is tailored for women in violent relationships, both as victims and as perpetrators. This enlightening course helps women choose a good life partner, set good boundaries, maintain healthy communications skills, and become a better parent.

Couples Counseling Susan McMillan provides brief therapy for couples. She has the unique ability to get to the heart of the matter quickly and takes positive, active steps, including homework assignments, to get a relationship back on track in short time.

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